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The Vitaking Diosmin complex contains 388 mg of diatonine, 144 mg of cranberry extract, 100 mg of vitamin C, 96 mg of conker extract and 43 mg of hesperidine. Conker and blueberries help to reduce the feeling of “heavy foot”. Conker extracts help to maintain proper circulation and help support healthy veins and capillaries.

Product Description

For healthy veins and capillaries

Natural solutions

The underlying principle of natural medicine is that if there is a problem for several active substances or herbs, then using them in combination will result in better results than if only one of them is used in any large quantities.

Components of Vitaking Diosmin


The fruit and leaf of the cranberry has been used by people for a long time. Blueberries help to reduce the feeling of “heavy foot”. Anthocyanins found in blueberries (plant color in plants) can help to maintain the capillary blood vessels and maintain elasticity of the vessels and the harmful effects of free radicals.


Diosmin is a flavonoid derivative. Flavonoid compounds – or sometimes called bioflavonoids – are the characteristic flavor and scent of vegetables and fruits. We dictate that the spinach differs from the taste and smell of orange, which is why red pepper and blue are blueberries. Diosmin is obtained from the citrus fruit shell.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, or even ascorbic acid, has many functions in our body and it is always necessary regardless of age, gender and age, and it is water soluble vitamin, so it is important to have a regular supplement. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation and thereby to maintain the normal condition and functioning of the vessels.

Conker extract

Conker have long been used by traditional folk medicine to maintain good blood circulation and reduce the feeling of “heavy legs”.


Hesperidine is also a flavonoid found in almost all citrus fruits. The group of flavonoids was discovered in 1930 by our Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Albert Szent-Györgyi. folk medicine has long been used.

Use the Vitaking Diosmin complex formulation and enjoy its beneficial effects every day.

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