Zinc Gluconate 30mg

The zinc assists in the formation of DNA, the cell’s genetic material, and is essential for cell division and growth.

Zinc is needed by the body for the functioning of over 300 different enzymes as well, and consequently, it plays a vital role in a large variety of biological processes.

Zinc offers additional benefits as it assists in the proper functioning of the hormone insulin.


Product Description

Zinc contributes to healthy functioning of the immune system and plays an important role in the functioning of the body’s natural defense system

  • protects cells and tissues from the damaging effects of oxidative damage
  • helps keep hair, skin and nails healthy and strong
  • takes part in maintaining the acid-base balance
  • takes part in normal carbohydrate metabolism
  • contributes to maintaining normal brain function
  • helps maintain a healthy bone structure
  • helps keep hair, skin and nails healthy and strong

Recommended dietary allowance: 1 tablet

Servings per bottle: 90 tablets

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