Unlock your potential for a lean, muscular body with L-Carnitine! A favorite among dieters and bodybuilders, this amazing amino acid helps the body burn fat to energize muscles for effective, productive workouts.

Carnitine is a complex amino acid which generates from from two essential amino acid in the human body: lysin and methionine. A healthy body can produce enough carnitine but cardiopathics and athletes needs bigger amount of it so they need to take it in as a dietary supplement.

It is essential for the heart muscles and muscle development. It does not have any side effects even if you take in large volumes.

Product Description

It is essential for the heart muscles, as well as for growth and muscle development.

Our organization can produce it if we have take in enough B-1 and B-6 vitamin and our dietary contains lysin and methionine. We also need C vitamin to maintain the synthesis.

The recommended daily amount is between 500 mg and 2500 mg.


Recommended dietary allowance: 3 capsules per day

Servings per bottle: 100 capsules

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