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  • CranberryVitaking Cranberry



    Cranberry is one of the three autochthon fruits in South America (the other two is Bilberry and Grape). The native indians consumed it pulpified but the also used it as paint and medication material. Later on in the War of Independence people used it to recover C vitamin and to protect themselves against scurvy during the long voyages on the sea.

    This well-known tonic is recommended as a natural way to maintain a healthy urinary tract. For many, the sharp flavor of cranberry juice is too much for consumption.

    Cranberry is an extremely healthy fruit. It is an excellent nutrient and mineral source which contains C, B and A vitamin. It is also contains a high amount of antioxidant phenol.


  • Calcium + Magnesium + ZincCalcium + Magnesium + Zinc

    Calcium Magnesium and Zinc

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    Calcium and magnesium help maintain healthy bones while zinc is essential for cell division and growth, plus it supports the immune system.

    Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. While the most important function of calcium involves the maintenance of skeletal health, the small percentage of calcium outside the bones is used to maintain a large combination of vital body functions.

  • Vitamin B1 100mg

    For a healthy mind and an active body you definitely need Vitamin B! The first B-vitamin to be discovered, thiamin plays a crucial role in energy metabolism and nerve cell function, making it essential for the health of both mind and body. Because thiamin can’t be stored in the body, it is important to get a good supply every day. Our Vitamin B-1 capsules are a convenient way to ensure that you meet your daily needs.

  • Ganoderma extract (60) – Vitaking

    Ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom, seal wax) is the most popular herbal remedy today. Vitaking Ganoderma extract contains 400mg of Ganoderma lucidium extract per capsule (of which polysaccharides per capsule are 120 mg). Ganoderma mushrooms contribute to natural immunological control.

  • Multi Profi PaleoVitaking Profi Paleo

    Multi Profi paleo

    Balanced vitamin package for people who have paleo dietary.


    • The components of the package support normal functions of the immune system
    • Some of the components are essential ones for the normal functions of the nervous system
    • The package contains B-1 which is essential for healthy and operable heart and muscles
    • It contains C vitamin which improves the health of hair, nails and skin
    • K2 assist in the maintenance of normal ossature
    • D vitamin assist in normal immune system functions
  • VItaferVitaFer

    VitaFer® Junior


    Iron, an important nutrient

  • Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo biloba 60mg

    Ginkgo Biloba is a virtuous plant which has antioxidant effects and used during the past 5000 years in Chinese healing arts.

    It helps maintain circulation to the brain. It supports memory function, promotes mental sharpness, and encourages concentration.

    Help maintaining memory with age decline and to preserve cognitive function.

    Ginkgo flavonoids participates in the normal functioning of the circulatory system, in the optimal blood flow and therefore in the maintenance of oxygen and nutrients in cells.

    It can help to improve the brain functions in the elderly period as well.


  • Multi Liquid BasicVitaking Multi Liquid Alap

    Multi liquid basic

    This is a uniquely complete fluidic multivitamin which contains minerals, trace elements and nutrients of vital importance.

    This is our newest product. Every package contains 5 blisters with 6 gelcapsule in each one of them. The product contains A vitamin from carrot, E vitamin from wheatgerm oil, C vitamin from corn and dextrose, trace elements from sea choral.

    Thanks to the practical package you can bring it anywhere easily.

    We recommend this for adults with average heredity and for students older than 14 years old. We recommend Multi Liquid Plus if you do something with more serious mental strain.

  • Zinc Gluconate 25mg

    The zinc assists in the formation of DNA, the cell’s genetic material, and is essential for cell division and growth.

    Zinc is needed by the body for the functioning of over 300 different enzymes as well, and consequently, it plays a vital role in a large variety of biological processes.

    Zinc offers additional benefits as it assists in the proper functioning of the hormone insulin.

  • Iron AllVitaking Iron All

    Iron All

    Iron all is a specifically assembled complex formula which contains complex associates of B vitamin including folic acid and B-12 just as C vitamin for better imbibition besides iron.

    Asiderosis and its symptoms are well-known: tiredness, powerlessness, head-ache, dizziness, pale skin and dysphagia.

    Iron assist the maintenance of normal mental functioning, in energy producing metabolism and in normal oxygen supply.

    It also helps in the normal functioning of the immune system, in the reduction of fatigue and assist in cell division.

  • Mega Vitamin for TeensVitaking Mega Vitamin Tini

    Mega Vitamin for Teens

    Mega Vitamin for Teens is assembled for the organization of teenagers. It contains every relevant vitamin and mineral which this age group needs in their dietary.

    It contains 26 valuable components. All of them in an adequate  amount which their organization need.

    Why is it worthy to use?

    • C vitamin assist in normal functions of the immune system
    • Calcium and magnesium have an important role in the maintenance of normal ossature and teeth condition
    • A vitamin assist in normal hair, nails and skin condition
    • D vitamin is essential for the imbibition of calcium
    • B vitamins helps to protect normal nervous system functions
  • Vitamin C 1000mg with bioflavonoids (200)

    If you believe in replenishing your vitamin C in as natural form as possible this product is the optimal choice for you. Besides 1000 mg vitamin C each tablet has an additional 50 mg citrus bioflavonoids, 50 mg accrual and 10 mg rose hips.

    Owing to its all-natural components this form of vitamin C can be utilised even more efficiently by the system.

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