Sulforaphane from Broccoli

Sulforaphane (broccoli abridgment)

Broccoli is a real multivitamin and multi-mineral bomb. It contains A, C, E, and B vitamin. From minerals it contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and thanks to the beta carotene it has a positive effect on the eyes, skin and nervous system. From trace elements it contains iron which helps haematogenesis and selenium which protects the body against taints.

It also contains sulforaphane which is an effective antioxidant. It protects the cell against the harmful effects of free radicals. You can find it also in kale and cabbage but broccoli has the highest sulforaphane rate.


Product Description

Our product contains 500 mg of concentrated broccoli  sprout abridgment which has a standardized 400 mcg sulforaphane rate. Every capsule contains 30 mg of sulforaphane-glucosinolate as well.

Recommended dietary allowance: 1 capsule per day

Servings per bottle: 60 capsules

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