Sulforaphane from Broccoli (60 veggie capsules)


Broccoli is a real multivitamin and multi-mineral bomb. It contains A, C, E, and B vitamin. From minerals it contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and thanks to the beta carotene it has a positive effect on the eyes, skin and nervous system. From trace elements it contains iron which helps haematogenesis and selenium which protects the body against taints.

It also contains sulforaphane which is an effective antioxidant. It protects the cell against the harmful effects of free radicals. You can find it also in kale and cabbage but broccoli has the highest sulforaphane rate.




Broccoli has recently been the focus of several studies on this active ingredient. The sulfur compound called sulforaphane is responsible for its health benefits. The chemical and biochemical properties of this have been investigated and today we have a wealth of data that supports the original assumption. To date, more than 500 studies have been conducted to investigate the mechanism of action and biological activity of sulforaphane or its precursor glucorafanin.

So healthy, but unfortunately not one of the most popular vegetables. In addition to broccoli, sulforaphane is also found in cauliflower and cabbage – and other cabbages – but it is found most abundant in fresh broccoli. It would be ideal for everyone to get this important nutrient in their fresh vegetable form.

But if you can’t do that, it is a great solution when enclosed in a capsule of the active ingredient concentrate. Based on the available research results, the typical dosage of broccoli seed and seed extract is 50-100 mg / day of sulforaphane glucosinolate, divided into smaller doses.

Our product contains 500mg of concentrated broccoli germ extract per capsule, which is standardized to 400mcg of sulforaphane (SFN). Each capsule contains 30mg of BroccoPhanne® Branded Sulforaphane Glucosinolate (SGS) (Concentrated Broccoli Germ Extract).

According to Professor Paul Thornalley:

“… In the future, it would be important to put great emphasis on getting more broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage on the diabetic menu. “We believe it will do them good.”

Additional information


Do not exceed the amount specified in the application! The product is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

Servings per bottle

60 capsules


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