Garlic Oil

Garlic oil

People use garlic now more than 5000 years. In many places around the world they used it as an amulet: ancient peoples wore a piece of garlic around their neck because they thought it could protect them against the evil eye and diseases.

The corm contains alliin and alliinase ensimes. If you cut the garlic it cause a formation of several compounds. It makes allicin and several sulfides which responsible the typical smell of the onions.

In addition it contains sulfur peptide derivatives, B vitamin, C vitamin and flavonoids.

Maintenance of heart health.

Helps to maintain a healthy liver function.

Product Description

These are the effect of the usage of garlic oil

  • It affects advantageously the level of harmful blood cholesterol and blood lipids
  • It assist in the maintenance of the respiratory system’s health
  • Helps to build capability of resistance against fungus and bacteria

Recommended dietary allowance: 1 gelcapsule per day

Servings per bottle: 90 gelcapsules

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