Lecithin Ultra Soy – 1200 mg (100 softgels)


Lecithin is a natural substance. You can find it in vegetables such as soy. It has two main active ingredient: choline and inositol.

Why do we need to consume choline?

  • Choline assist in normal homocysteine-metabolism
  • Assist in normal fat metabolism
  • Accede the maintenance of normal liver functions
  • We recommend it for those who have learning difficulties and in elder age





Lecithin, a natural fat-soluble substance, is found in many animal and vegetable foods. It is also found in foods of plant origin, such as soy.

We should actually talk about choline as a nutrient, but lecithin is the food ingredient that leads us when we search for choline. It is present in all living cells. It is found in the highest concentrations in the cells of the brain, heart, liver and kidneys. In the brain, lecithin-choline is converted to acetylcholine. This compound mediates messages from one neuron to another. Known as an angina transducer.

Why use Lecithin?

Its consumption is strongly recommended for students with learning difficulties and the elderly. It can also help improve memory and other brain functions.

Soy lecithin can improve the absorption of other important nutrients. Particularly in the case of fat digestion problems, some essential nutrients are poorly utilized and this may also hinder the effective use of certain medications.

Consumption of vitamins A, D, E, curcumin, milk thistle, grape seed extract and green tea can improve catechin absorption.

It is also used to increase the body’s ability to absorb other substances.

Each gel capsule contains 1200 mg of soy lecithin.

Additional information


Do not exceed the amount specified in the application! The product is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

Servings per bottle

100 softgels


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