K2 – 90 mcg (30 veggie capsules)


K2 controls calcium getting to the proper place in the body, putting it in bones and teeth where it belongs and making sure it doesn’t stay in the soft tissue where it doesn’t belong, thus preventing calcium deposits, clogged arteries, kidney stones and ensuring cardiovascular health.
K2 is known as an “Activator” because it acts synergistically with Vitamin A and D, “activating” the signaling proteins it contains to become active. Without Vitamin K2, vitamin A and D are nowhere near as effective as they should be.
There are more and more studies supporting the potential health benefits of vitamin K2 for the bones, heart, skin, brain, and now prostate health.



Vitamin k2 is involved in maintaining normal bone.

Did you know that the name of a dentist was discovered?

Weston A. Price’s research seeks to find out what primitive peoples far from Western civilization are stronger than most people today. Price examined the food of the primitive peoples, compared it to modern American food, and found that the food of the natives contained much more vitamins and minerals. This is how the discovery of vitamin k2 began.

During his research, he discovered a new fat-soluble nutrient called Factor X. He found this nutrient in fish, offal and butter made from milk from grazing animals. Today we know that this nutrient is vitamin K2. This vitamin was found in the diet of primitive strains without exception.

It’s different from vitamin K-1

Since 1939, vitamin K2 has been shown to have many physiological effects: it has nothing to do with the similar vitamin K1 in its name.

As with B vitamins, Vitamin K is a family. Unfortunately, many completely different molecules with totally different physiological effects are called vitamin K.

The aforementioned vitamin K1 or phylloquinone occurs only in plant, typically dark, green and leafy plants, and plays an important role in blood coagulation.

In contrast, vitamin K2 or menaquinones represent several different compounds, of which up to a dozen have been identified and named MK4 … MK13. Of these, MK4 and MK7 proved valuable physiologically.

Vitaking K2 contains 90µg of VITAMK7®. VITAMK7 ® is a patented all-trans vitamin K2 produced by natural fermentation.

Additional information


Do not exceed the amount specified in the application! The product is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

Servings per bottle

30 capsules


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