Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2

K2 controls calcium getting to the proper place in the body, putting it in bones and teeth where it belongs and making sure it doesn’t stay in the soft tissue where it doesn’t belong, thus preventing calcium deposits, clogged arteries, kidney stones and ensuring cardiovascular health.
K2 is known as an “Activator” because it acts synergistically with Vitamin A and D, “activating” the signaling proteins it contains to become active. Without Vitamin K2, vitamin A and D are nowhere near as effective as they should be.
There are more and more studies supporting the potential health benefits of vitamin K2 for the bones, heart, skin, brain, and now prostate health.


Product Description

A significant part of the most recent advancement of K2 production is that our form of K2 has no allergens (from soy or otherwise) and that no solvents are used in the course of production of our vitamin K2, furthermore that our product is supported by preclinical and clinical studies, with toxicological analyses upholding its purity of ›99%.

The two forms of the vitamin K2 used are MK4 and MK7: MK4 has a short shelf life in the body and needs to be taken in much higher amounts (45 mg vs. 45 mcg!) than MK7, which stays 2-3 days in the system, thus having more time to take effect: we use the MK7 variant in our supplement.

Recommended dietary allowance: 1 capsul per day

Servings per bottle: 30 capsules

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