B1 – 100mg (60 capsules)


For a healthy mind and an active body you definitely need Vitamin B! The first B-vitamin to be discovered, thiamin plays a crucial role in energy metabolism and nerve cell function, making it essential for the health of both mind and body. Because thiamin can’t be stored in the body, it is important to get a good supply every day. Our Vitamin B-1 capsules are a convenient way to ensure that you meet your daily needs.

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Vitamins B, of which there are several types, have many different health effects. They influence metabolic processes, mood and behavior… etc. But every vitamin B has special functions in the body. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is soluble in water that needs to be replenished daily. Vitamin B1 is also known as a moral vitamin because of its effects on the nervous system and mental behavior. Those who smoke, consume alcohol, or consume too much sugar, take a pill, and have an increased need for this vitamin.

Vitamin B1, an important member of the Vitamin B family

Thiamine was often considered insignificant, but at the same time it was a key member of the vitamin B group. This is the first of the B vitamins to be discovered, also indicated by B1. Lean pork contains the highest amount of thiamine, followed by whole grain mill products, dried beans and oilseeds. Thiamine-enriched cereal products are also rich sources.

Thiamine – Proven Effects of Vitamin B-1:

Thiamine is involved in normal energy-producing metabolism.
Thiamine contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
It contributes to the maintenance of normal psychological function.
It also contributes to the proper functioning of the heart.

For those who do mental work, it is worth taking in addition to the regular multivitamin. Or, you might want to choose a multivitamin that already has an increased dose. For example, in most Vitaking Multi Profi vitamin packages. They already contain an elevated dose of B1 compared to other B vitamins.

However, if you are not taking a multivitamin, it is worth noting that you may be taking Vitamin C continuously if you are taking it, so take it proportionally.

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Do not exceed the amount specified in the application! The product is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

Servings per bottle

60 capsules


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