Anemia: Can it be treated with Spirulina?

Anemia: Can it be treated with Spirulina?

Anemia is a deficiency disease that affects every organ in the body. This is why it is very important to treat this problem even though, as un underlying disease, it does not cause unbearable symptoms.

Everyday feeling of tiredness, a general feeling of weakness for the whole body, can be a good reference even if someone does not check the level of hemoglobin in their blood in a laboratory. When the skin begins to turn pale yellow, the condition of blood is already at a dangerous level. So, by the time there are externally visible symptoms of anemia, more serious damage may have occurred within the body.

The blood carries oxygen to every cell in the body. Hemoglobin, the protein on the surface of red blood cells, is actually responsible for binding oxygen in the blood. So, when their numbers drop, we talk about anemia.

But what could be the best solution to eliminate or reduce anemia?

Medical treatment

When someone sees a doctor with this complaint, they are typically prescribed inorganic iron preparations, preferably folic acid and vitamin B-12, and reassured that they can expect a reduction in anemia almost half a year. This is usually not the case because the indigestion caused by the most commonly prescribed ferrous sulfate tablets makes it difficult to absorb the other ingredients.

According to our grandmothers

If one prefers folk remedies, one will find the most sinister solutions that do not even achieve the effectiveness of the above medical method. I don’t even dare write them down here because someone else is trying it out.

Spirulina against anemia

Spirulina is the only hematopoietic food I know of and has been used successfully in several anemic patients. I have previously written a book about this that details this special diet. The title of this: Demecs István: Superfood – Microalgae.

Just 10 grams of spirulina a day is enough to cover five times your required vitamin B-12, four time your daily vitamin A needs, and 80 percent of your iron intake. It also contains all the folic acid, but it is not enough to treat an anemic person. However, supplemented with some folic acid can achieve spectacular results against anemia in weeks.

You need to eat 10 grams a day. It is best to dissolve and drink pure spirulina powder in water. For those who are averse to the taste, I recommend spirulina tablets. You should start consuming 2-3 grams a day and level up to 10 grams in steps over a week.

You can expect a quick result from Spirulina.

István Demecs

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