Cranberry Fruit Concentrate + C + E – 4200 mg (90 softgels)


Cranberry is one of the three autochthon fruits in South America (the other two is Bilberry and Grape). The native indians consumed it pulpified but the also used it as paint and medication material. Later on in the War of Independence people used it to recover C vitamin and to protect themselves against scurvy during the long voyages on the sea.

This well-known tonic is recommended as a natural way to maintain a healthy urinary tract. For many, the sharp flavor of cranberry juice is too much for consumption.

Cranberry is an extremely healthy fruit. It is an excellent nutrient and mineral source which contains C, B and A vitamin. It is also contains a high amount of antioxidant phenol.




Cranberry is one of the three fruits native to North America (along with blueberries and grapes). The indigenous Indians consumed mainly cranberries crushed into pulp, but also used them as a dye and as a medicinal plant. Early settlers discovered that when cranberries are cooked in maple syrup, the bitter fruit becomes a sweet sauce, which can be a unique addition to roast meats.

Cranberries were given a new role in the War of Independence. As for the British Army, lemon is the US Navy’s blueberry. Cranberries stored in barrels on board ships protect long-distance travelers from vitamin C deficiency, scurvy.

This bitter-sour berry is a success not only in gastronomy. Because of its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, it has been used by folk medicine and is increasingly popular today.

Blueberries are a very healthy fruit. It is an excellent source of nutrients and minerals (Ca, Mg, K) and Vitamin C, B, A. It contains a lot of antioxidant phenols. Compared to other high phenolic fruits, for example, it contains twice as much phenolics as blueberries and 15-20% more than grapes. Women are especially advised to consume.

The product also contains vitamins E and C (ascorbic acid). Vitamins C and E also contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress.
The recommended daily dose of Vitaking Cranberry Extract (Cranberry Concentrate Powdered 50: 1) is equivalent to 12.6 g of fresh cranberry! Consume this excellent source of nutrients throughout the year if you do not have access to fresh berries! Great for kids too!

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Do not exceed the amount specified in the application! The product is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

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90 softgels


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