Ginkgo Forte – 120mg (90 veggie capsules)


Ginkgo Biloba is a virtuous plant which has antioxidant effects and used during the past 5000 years in Chinese healing arts.

It helps maintain circulation to the brain. It supports memory function, promotes mental sharpness, and encourages concentration.

Help maintaining memory with age decline and to preserve cognitive function.

Ginkgo flavonoids participates in the normal functioning of the circulatory system, in the optimal blood flow and therefore in the maintenance of oxygen and nutrients in cells.

It can help to improve the brain functions in the elderly period as well.




Ginkgo biloba, also known as fern, is the oldest plant on Earth. As a herb, it is known for its effect on memory ability in almost every part of the world. Fern has been used since ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine and folk medicine. In China, its seeds have been used in folk medicine for 5000 years. Its fake fruit is also eaten as a Chinese delicacy. The components of ginkgo preparations are extracted from the fully developed fan-shaped leaves of the ancient fern.

The native land is East China. Lush, two-leafed deciduous tree with fan-shaped leaves with forked veins.

Why choose Vitaking Ginkgo Forte?

This product contains 120mg of Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract per capsule, which contains 24% (28.8mg) flavon glycoside and 6% (7.2mg) terpene lactone. Flavon-glycoside and terpene-lactone are active ingredients of the leaf! When buying such a product, be sure to look at the active ingredient content on the product label!

The Ginkgo Biloba

It can help keep brain function in old age at a good level.
It can help slow down age-related memory decline and preserve cognitive function (cognitive meaning: thought-based).
Enhances cognitive performance.
Helps maintain cognitive function.
Helps maintain mental well-being.
It can help stop memory decline with age and help preserve cognitive function.
It can help maintain good cognitive function.
It can contribute to normal blood circulation, which is related to brain power and reactivity.
It can help you to maintain a clear mindset and daily focus.
Flavonoids in the plant can contribute to mental and cognitive activities.
It can help maintain proper brain performance in old age.
We recommend it to people over 50, students and intellectuals.

The product is not recommended for use by children and pregnant or breast-feeding women. Those taking anticoagulant medication or those undergoing surgery should consult their physician before losing weight, as Ginkgo Biloba may increase the time for blood to clot. It can affect your blood sugar level, so diabetics should only use it with medical approval!

Additional information


Do not exceed the amount specified in the application! The product is not a substitute for a mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

Servings per bottle

90 tablets


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