B9 Folate – 400µg (60 tablets)


Folate is a naturally occurring form of folic acid. Folate is required for all life functions in which cell division occurs. When someone takes folic acid, folic acid is converted to active folate in a multi-step process. But not everyone’s body is able to convert folic acid to active folate. Choose Vitaking Folate!



Natural folic acid Folate

A member of the B-vitamin family, is a naturally occurring vitamin in food. Folic acid cannot be used directly by the body, in order to be an active form that can be used by the body, it needs to be transformed in the body, but unfortunately not everyone’s body can transform it. In order for folic acid to be converted to folate, several enzymes must be involved. It is being heard more and more these days that folic acid is utilized biochemically and with much less efficiency than folate, so it is better to consume this if someone is deficient in this vitamin.


  • It is involved in the growth of maternal tissues during pregnancy.
  • Participates in normal amino acid synthesis.
  • It contributes to normal blood formation.
  • It contributes to normal homocysteine ​​metabolism.
  • It contributes to the maintenance of normal psychological function.
  • It contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • It helps to reduce fatigue and fatigue.
  • It plays a role in cell division.


Folic acid and folate are based on the Latin word “folium”, which means: leaf. Because the primary sources of this B vitamin are leafy vegetables. eat leafy vegetables regularly (such as kale, spinach, sorrel, arugula salad, visitor…, etc.) or get it as a dietary supplement.


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods in a woman’s life. Proper nutrition and proper vitamin supplementation are paramount in this case. Adequate maternal folic acid / folate supply is particularly important during fetal development. Adequate replacement should be monitored for at least one month before conception and for three months after conception.

About Vitamin B

Each B vitamin has unique properties, but they have one thing in common: they are involved in energy production processes together, so it is advisable to consume them together, as they participate in the functioning of the body by strengthening each other’s effects.


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